.*py.*: pyglet, pyopengl, rabbyt, pygame, pyogre…cocos2d.py

rabbyt a 2d sprite engine for python

rabbyt a 2d sprite engine for python

Spent most of today apt-get’ ing a lot of python stuff including rabbyt a 2d sprite engine for pyglet and pygame.  It is suppose to be pretty quick with most of the sprite code in c.  There is also cocos2d which seems like it’ll be great for quickly getting a 2D game going.  The instructional videos are funny too … think Borat and not just because the accent… ok maybe a bit because the accent.

I also came across ogre3D (obligitory python binding name  pyogre).  Seems like someone can really get a lot done with this.  Someone who has the skillz…

So what seems to be the difference?  Why are there so many?  Which do you learn?

I like pyglet since I’m looking to actually get 3D going.  I mean I’ll play with 2D Sprites but my goal is 3D.  Pyglet seems also pretty low level allowing you to muck around in OpenGL.   NeHe’s OpenGL tutorial’s in pyglet.  The pyglet examples folder is nice too.  I’ve heard too may complaints about pygame so I’m thinking I’ll head the pyglet route.

More info on game engines and game related things at the python site here and here.

So things to do:
1. Go through the NeHe tutorial
2. Grok points, lines and triangles primitives in OpenGl
3. Pong
4. … hm 4?
Also apt-get’ed today numpy and matplotlib.

So how many other game/graphics related .*py.*  modules/packages have I left out?


~ by jimmyhchan on December 1, 2008.

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