Big list of FAQ for programmers from Reddit Programming: I’m job interviewing and need a bunch of resources

The subreddit programming on has always been an treasure trove of wonderful, sometimes quirky but always useful and interesting information.  Unfortunately, the same stuff keeps popping up and it's hard to sift through the junk.  

The FAQ for programming.reddit  A large list of awesome

In currently looking at web development / programming jobs so here's a list of things I found interesting:

  • A List Apart –  on the design, development, and meaning of web content
  • Joel's blog and Jeff's blog — but I think the stackoverflow podcast is more interesting
Web Hosting Alternatives
Nobody enjoys being with godaddy — for ethical reasons (they support republicans, they shutdown sites for random reasons, they take your domain and auction it) and for service reasons (limited software and limited support)

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~ by jimmyhchan on February 11, 2010.

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